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Jan. 7th, 2007 @ 11:49 pm Dusting off the Journal
Current Music: "use it tonight..."
Hi all -

#1 - EDINA
We got 16 people down to Edina tonight (quite a feat, I think!) and 6 of us trekked 6 blocks to a colorful diner, for malts and burgers. Quite a time!

#2 - BACK?
When's everyone getting back? I foresse a laid back semester, with steady social gatherings and an excellent seminar or two.

What about you?

#3 - HAPPY
Can we agree online to the first QGPA happy hour being the 19th at the Kitty Cat Klub? It's the 3rd Friday, to boot, so we're even keeping up the same schedule. We can have a Groundhogs Day Happy Hour at Pi, with much fanfare. :)

See you soon?
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